The Label

French wines have always been known for their quality in general.

However, there are about 25,000 wine producers in France now, each producing several wines every year, which represents tens of thousands of references. Each wine is increasingly different from one year to another, depending on the climate, the time of harvest, the craftsmanship, etc ... it is very difficult to navigate without being present on the field with experts!

APIVES is a French label that selects certain wines each year for their quality, with a presence on the field and among winemakers to monitor their working methods and the quality of their wine.

This label allows the final consumer to drink only wines that have been carefully selected from thousands of French wines. The selection is time consuming and requires close relationships with many producers and requires presence on the field all year.

Wines elected by APIVES are generally produced with 'sustainable agriculture', a new form of 'smart' agriculture that uses little or no chemicals in the treatment of vines, except when it is really necessary to maintain production. So the wines are more natural, with better flavor, closer to the pure fruit.

APIVES Tasting Committee is chaired by Alexandre Petit, who is on the field for a great part of the year to make pre-selections. Once the wines are 'pre-selected', a committee consisting of actors in the different French wine will elect the best wines. Alexandre Petit valid nonetheless the choice of the APIVES Tasting Committee and fully guarantees the quality of wines.

You can find the label APIVES in some specialty stores, bottles with a paper pyramid stating the selection made by APIVES for the wine in question. That ensures optimum quality.