Our Team

Our team is composed of French and foreign tasters involved directly or indirectly with the world of wine. The jury committee can vary, consisting of producers, monologues, sommeliers, owners of restaurants, etc. ..., always led by Mr. Alexandre PETIT, founder and director of the Label APIVES. The jury is anonymous and tasted blind in a constant concern for quality research. Nevertheless, Mr. Alexandre Petit valid at the end all the wine selection and  guarantees the quality of each item sold under the label APIVES.

Mr. Alexandre PETIT handles the pre-selection of wines on the field, meeting producers throughout the year, studying the qualities of the wine of each year and the regions in relation to the climate and yield plots. Through his fieldwork and ongoing quality research, he knows where to find the best wines, and then makes his selection of the best vintage and appellations of each region.

You can follow Alexandre Petit on his travels'blog here: http://www.travels.alexandrepetit.com

Alexandre Petit in Grignan les Adhémar