Wine Quality


The number one criteria of our selection is the quality of wines. Gustatory side is very important and all wines are tasted blind to bring out the best products by tasting. It’s certain that tasting is subjective and every palate is different, however this selection by tasting provides very good results of how the quality is generally perceived. The tasting consiste of several wines from the same appellation but produced by different winemakers, the comparison allows us to identify certain sensory defects in some, and in the other side, some amazing and surprising taste qualities in others. 


For each tasting, we analyze the visual aspect, its clarity, its color, its brilliance, its tears, to have a pretty good first idea of its aging potential among others. Next, we examine the nose that brings out different flavors that characterize the wine before drinking it. Finally, we analyze the taste of the wine in contact with the palace to have a complete picture of the product, until the length of its aftertaste. Tasting remains very traditional and very precise in order to have a guarantee of the highest quality for all selected APIVES wines.