Travels To Villages

Some samples are directly found from the producers field by Alexandre Petit, head of the APIVES label. However, he also come back with several samples to pass the wine tasting committee before final validation of the products. Alexandre Petit goes around France all year through the wine villages to find producers of high quality wines. He regularly discovers new treasures among the producers present in France 25,000. 


The best time to visit the wine regions and châteaux is during harvest season. Indeed, this is when we know if the vintage is going to be poor, fair, good, very good or excellent. The grapes won’t lie, discussions with producers during the fruit picking either! 


You can see from below Alexandre Petit from the farm of a producer in Champagne, during the harvest. All harvest is manual in champagne and many seasonal employees come to work one week each year to pick all the grapes almost simultaneously, within a few days.

Chardonnay Grape Harvest in Champagne